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What is Centigram?

Centigram is an App based Canadian eGift Card designed from the ground up to make gifting global, simple, instant, and rewarding. The denominations used are called Centigrams (1 Centigram = 1 CAD dollar). Within the App of Centigram, the user can convert the Centigrams to Canadian or international eGift cards from 100s of retailers and shops with few taps and swipes.

What is a Centigramer?

A Centigramers is a person who has created his/her own Centigram username and prefers using Centigram to send and receive gifts and rewards.

What is/are the advantages and benefits of using Centigram?

There are many advantages! And we believe people will be very creative in finding ways to benefit from using Centigram.

The top advantages are:

  • Manage all your Centigram eGifts and other eGift cards under one eGift Account
  • Giving Centigram eGifts to other Centigramers instantly with Zero Fees
  • Give other eGift cards at 100s of other local or international retailers in one App
  • Gives the users the power of choice to convert their Centigrams to whatever gifts they like at different denominations
  • Removes the complexity of currency variations (you Give 100 Centigrams, they get 100 centigrams).
  • No fees to send and receive Centigrams even internationally

Is Centigram available worldwide today?

Centigram is a Canadian-based start-up company founded in 2018 with a global vision. Centigram is able to send and receive in over 50 countries.

More countries will be added in the coming months. The aim is to make it accessible to everyone around the world!

What is Centigram eGifting?

For the first time, people can now send and receive local or international digital gift cards from family, friends or even strangers in a simple app and all they need is their Centigram Username.

To make it even better, sending Centigram eGift Cards gives the end user complete flexibility to choose what they wish to redeem it for or re-gift it to others.

What makes Centigram better than other alternatives?

With no transfer fees and an endless choice of eGifts, Centigram allows you to give your lucky recipients the perfect gift, instantly redeemable, in just a matter of seconds.

The best part is, the recipient doesn’t need to have a bank account or provide personal details to collect their gift.

Centigram does not discriminate or limit who you wish to gift.

Why do I need to wait 24 hours to buy Centigrams after I sign up?

This is required to prevent potential fake accounts and bots that can potentially be used by malicious software or scams.

Getting Started

Where can I get Centigram eGift Cards?

Centigrams are Digital Gift Cards, they can be purchased only through the Centigram App which is available on both, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Simply search for Centigram, install and enjoy!

How do I know if my friends are on Centigram?

You can simply ask them if they have a Centigram username or check the Give section of the app to see if they show up under your contacts (you need to allow access to contacts in order to use this feature).

Can I access my Centigram eGift Account from a website or tablet?

At the moment, the only platform you can access your Centigram eGift Account is through iPhone or Android devices. We anticipate the development of web accessibility soon.


How do I buy more Centigrams?

Simply tap on to the “Buy (+) icon” located above “My Centigrams”. At the moment, you can purchase Centigrams using Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover)

Once you have selected your desired method of payment, simply enter the amount you wish to purchase and follow the prompts. The transaction will be completed in a few seconds, and the balance on your Centigram eGift Account will instantly get updated.

Note: You must verify your email before you can buy for the first time.

How can I pick the gift I want?

Tap on the ‘Shop’ icon, located on the bottom of your Home screen, and simply swipe through the gift card images of the companies listed. Select the one you wish to pick!

Note: You must verify your email before you can Shop for the first time

How do I convert my Centigrams to other eGift cards?

Simply go to the “Shop” section of the app, based on your country, you will see your local eGift products listed for you to pick from.

Important: Make sure you read the terms and conditions, take notice of its expiration date (if applicable) before you order.

All you need to do next is decide the value you wish to , as long as you have enough balance on your Centigram eGift Account. You are good to go!

How do I use my eGift?

After you have confirmed your request and the amount you wish to purchase, you will receive a confirmation screen that will display the eGift voucher code and PIN or URL for you to copy.

You can always find your eGift details in your Transaction History.

I’ve received a message on my Centigram App saying that I have received a gift from someone; what do I do now?

Congratulations, someone must appreciate you! You can find the gift in your recent transactions on the Home screen.

To view the details, just tap on the transaction to view more details on it. You’ll also be able to see who sent your gift!

You can use your gift immediately either at their physical store, website or app.

Why there are limited countries in the drop-down-list?

Some countries are yet to be available on Centigram. Rest assured, we are working hard to operate in more countries and with more businesses for Centigramers to enjoy around the world.

What about currency conversion when I buy eGifts in different currencies?

We believe in transparency. You will always see the cost to you in Centigrams before buying any eGift cards around the world. The conversion rates we use are close to market rates as we understand the importance of getting the maximum amount sent to the people who need it the most.

Is there an expiry for the eGifts bought with Centigrams?

Expiry depends on the eGift card provider you have selected. Some may have expiry dates. You will be able to check that by reading the “Product Description” and “Terms and Conditions” provided under each eGift card.

Buying more Centigrams

Why there is a daily limit?

Centigram is not designed to be a money transfer app, it is a gift transfer app, therefore there are daily limits on purchasing Centigram points (different for each country) in order to ensure we can service all our users around the world.

Is there an expiry date for the Centigram eGift purchase?

No! Centigrams do not expire but they are none refundable once purchased.


Can I see my transaction details later again?

Of course! All your transactions are available to review. You can view your latest transactions on your Home screen. To view more, simply tap the arrow on the right, and it will take you to the Transactions History screen, where you can find every transaction you have made from the moment you’ve signed up.

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