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Corporate Reward Program

Recognize, Reward & Delight

Whether you’re inspired to reward employees or need leverage to impress clients, Centigram’s Corporate eGifting Program makes gifting easy.

Gifting gratitude

Thank the people who make you successful with the gift of choice! You decide the amount you’d like to gift, and your recipients get to choose the eGift card they actually want.

Celebrate Incentives

Keep your employees engaged by rewarding milestones and outstanding performance, and celebrating birthdays and the holidays!

Only the Best

We’ve got a range of eGift cards from 50+ of the most popular brands and retailers.

Easy and Secure

All transactions are app-based, meaning all giving, receiving and redeeming is instant and secure.

Tax Deductible

Unlike cash, gifts are a tax deduction for your company and not taxable income for your employees.

Whether you’re looking to gift 5 or 5,000 recipients, we’ll take care of it. With a little lead time, we’re flexible and can work around your needs.

Corporate eGifting with Centigram: Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Once registered, you’ll supply us with a contact list and the total amount you’d like to gift to your recipients.
  2. We’ll create and send out a unique eGift code to each of your recipients.
  3. Using the Centigram App, your recipients can then redeem their gift amount from any eGifts card of their choice!

No monthly charges or minimum gifting amount. Just a one-time registration fee and the total amount you’d like to gift!

Delivering an amazing experience to employees, contractors and clients is what we do! Here are some of the companies we are proud to partner with:

What They Say About Us

“Our experience with Centigram has been very positive. Our organization was looking for a way to streamline gifting our employees and Centigram was a great solution. Our team really appreciates the control they have over where and how they spend their money and there are plenty of retailers to choose from that suit different interests. Thank you Centigram!”

Renee Ribeiro, National Marketing Manager, Ayming Canada

“Centigram is a safe and reliable app that provides accessible service for any money transfers. In addition, the app created a simplistic and easy-to-follow instruction to transfer various forms of payment methods. This has benefited our employees/individuals that either residing overseas, traveling, or currently out of the country. Centigram has delivered an excellent service and exceeded our expectations in terms of simplicity and efficiency. Overall, our experience with centigram has been great and we would highly recommend it to other companies.”

Rebecca Rubio, Head of Accounting, Picture Depot Canada