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We support those who support others. We make the daunting doable.

We are Centigram. To the naked eye, we are a fin-tech startup with a shiny new app, but really we are so much more. We are a collective of people on a mission to support those who made it their mission to move away from their homeland so they could take financial care of their families.

Our Vision

Make sending financial support as easy and inclusive as sending an instant message.

Our Mission

To enable people to financially support their loved ones living abroad; instantly and without fees.

Our Belief

When you send financial support to your loved ones, the entire amount should go directly to them.

We help those that, until now, couldn’t be helped

The people we serve are called Centigramers, and they are fed up with the tedious and expensive world of remittances. Armed with our shiny app, they can now magically send financial support across the globe easily, instantly and with ZERO fees. Free to send, arrives instantly, immediately redeemable! It sounds like magic—it kind of is. Sending financial support to your family back home is what you do. Why not send it with Centigram, a brand born to help you help the ones you love.


We are grateful to have the current support from the following incubators and accelerator programs:

Meet Our Expert Team

The Centigram team is made up of financial, tech, legal and creative experts from all over the world, working together to make a positive impact.