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Yana’s Story

“I, with my children and mother, left Ukraine when war started. When we started our journey, we no longer believed that we would leave our city. Many said it was impossible. They also said that there were huge traffic jams are ahead of us. That had been the case. We drove to the border in five days, during which the children lived in the car. There were also terrible moments of the red sky at night and the roar of aircraft. While driving, we constantly heard a siren, a signal of the danger of an airstrike. My daughter was very frightened and cried almost the whole way. We decided to stay in Ukraine and move away from the place of hostilities. A few days later we realized that it was impossible as there were airstrikes all over the country. There was no safe place in Ukraine and, unfortunately, there cannot be even now. We decided to go to Poland and then to Canada.”

Username: yana


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