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September 1, 2021

Centigram App enables overseas workers to send financial support to their families for free

Centigram users in Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, India, Australia, Italy, UK, and United States will now be able to send and receive financial support instantly and without fees.

Centigram, a Canadian startup, has launched its mobile app to help migrant workers and their families living in Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, UK, and the United States to send and receive financial support instantly without fees.

Through the Centigram mobile app, migrant workers can send eGift cards that their families can use to buy goods and services from the top local and global brands of their choice, either online or in-store. Centigram users, also called Centigramers, can send up to $500 (CAD) worth of eGift cards per day.

Centigram was designed to meet the requirements of people living abroad for an easy, secure, and instant way of sending financial support to their loved ones without the extra charges. According to an International Money Fund Working Paper, “The World Bank estimates that about US$550 billion was sent back by migrant workers to low- and middle-income countries in 2020.” However, it should be noted that, when sending a money transfer through traditional or electronic means, families do not usually receive the total amount as remittances are charged 7 percent on average. Plus, there are often currency conversion and other hidden fees, making it expensive to send money.

Sameem Monzaviyan, Founder and CEO of Centigram, said, “At Centigram, we give the migrant worker, our modern-day heroes, the ability to instantly send financial support to their families back home while making sure the entire amount goes directly to the recipients.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting people’s mobility, Centigram also allows users to send and receive financial support around the world at any time.
“This pandemic has disrupted the way we do things, so we leveraged technology to help us all. With Centigram, we have made sending financial support in the form of eGifts as easy and inclusive as sending an instant message,” Monzaviyan added.

How Centigram Works

The Centigram App uses a secure, closed-loop system that allows eGift cards to be transferred easily, instantly, and free of charge. Only a Centigram username is required.

  • Download the Centigram app on App Store or Google Play
  • Create an account.
  • Purchase a Global Centigram eGift card or a specific eGift Card and send it.
  • Once received, your loved ones can start buying goods and services from groceries, gadgets, entertainment to healthcare and personal care – online or in-person.
  • Check out the video below.

Media Contact

Patrick Boydell

Executive Marketing Officer

T 416 844 1735   E patrick@centigram.io

About Centigram

Centigram is a Canadian startup company dedicated to building a globally accessible mobile-based eGifting platform that is simple, secure, and inclusive.